[Rear-users] Testing REAR in an XEN Environtment with SUSE Enterprise Linux 11 SP1

Welte Gerhard gerhard.welte at badenIT.de
Fri Aug 26 12:14:14 CEST 2011

Hallo @all,

Oh, a wrong premise... I thought the backup with option BACKUP=TSM will be started from rear. That was wrong.
If I choose BACKUP=TSM I will be responsible for an correct backup. So he has only a few test-files in the backup. 
The backup was from 08.19...

Total number of objects restored:        62
Total number of objects failed:           0
Total number of bytes transferred:   132.81 MB
Data transfer time:                    3.22 sec
Network data transfer rate:        42,108.14 KB/sec
Aggregate data transfer rate:      4,655.37 KB/sec
Elapsed processing time:           00:00:29

I shutdown ampere and restart volta. Making an manual TSM-Backup on volta.

Shutdown volta again and rescue ampere.

Now it works...

Is it right, that "rear mkbackup" with option BACKUP=TSM didn't call TSM for making backup? 

So I have to do both, backup up the System and making a rear backup.

So I can use an old mkbacup to restore an daily TSM backuped VM.


Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend.



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