[Rear-users] ReaR and Backup to local File

fuzzy_4711 fuzzy_4711 at gmx.de
Wed Aug 3 15:20:12 CEST 2011

> Hello there,
> I tried to use ReaR for the first time.
> As I got an Root Server, I wanted to backup with ReaR to the local 
> Filesystem and copy the files afterwards via ftp / scp to the safe harbor.
> Sadly, it doesn't work for me.

I am a newbie user also, none of the developers.

My first suggestion is to not use 1.11.0 release. Instead switch to the
SVN-builds which contain some bugfixing also. You can get the current
snapshot version at:
It was built yesterday.

> I did create the folder /tmp_rear, and thats my config file:
> NETFS_URL=file:///tmp_rear
> NETFS_PREFIX='jctixx'
> BACKUP_PROG_EXCLUDE=('/tmp_rear/*' '/tmp/*' '/mnt/*')

Check for permissions: Is the user running the script allowed to write
into your newly created directory?

> Here is the log.

As far as I know, the log is located at:
I guess there is more information provided.

Post it here. The guys are very friendly and quick in responding to your
request for help. Based on my experience I am wondering why nobody
answered to you yet.


 It doesnt matter wheter i write file://tmp_rear/,
> file://tmp_rear, file:///tmp_rear/ or file:///tmp_rear or even give it 
> an .tar.gz file name afterwards. ISO creation works, but backup doesn't.

P.S.: Docs are not exactly telling, which syntax to use:
Either ISO_URL=file://...   (2 slashes) or ISO_URL=file:///... (3
slashes) - both is mentioned there. As far as I know it does not matter
but the implementation could rely on one special way.

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