[Rear-users] openSuSE 11.4 with dm_crypt pre boot encryption

Jeroen Hoekx jeroen.hoekx at hamok.be
Mon Aug 1 18:09:50 CEST 2011


>>> lvmdev /dev/system /dev/dm-0 FIl0bW-cxRU-6QYf-aEIG-nICQ-mU6V-cG7fKe
>>> 496171000
>> That's the problem. It should read:
>> lvmdev /dev/system /dev/mapper/cr_sda4 ...
> You were right. I edited /var/lib/rear/layout/disklayout.conf (at the
> machine where I like to test recovery) and changed the entry
> lvmdev /dev/system /dev/dm-0 ...
> To:
> lvmdev /dev/system /dev/mapper/cr_sda4 ...


> P.S.: The output for the config file is generated in
> /usr/share/rear/layout/save/GNU/Linux/22_lvm_layout.sh
> as far as I can see.
> "mapper" is not included in the output from:
> worknix:~ # lvm 8>&- 7>&- pvdisplay -c
> /dev/dm-0:system:496171000:-1:8:8:-1:4096:60567:8855:51712:FIl0bW-cxRU-6QYf-aEIG-nICQ-mU6V-cG7fKe
> I couldn't find any lvm command which produced an output where
> "/dev/mapper/cr_sda4" is generated. Otherwise I would have tried and
> provided a solution. Nevertheless I am not to deep into the lvm thing.
> Maybe this could be SUSE-specific behavior also?

Can you try to apply the patch attached to this message? I believe it
should be all that's needed to fix this.


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