[Rear-users] openSuSE 11.4 with dm_crypt pre boot encryption

fuzzy_4711 fuzzy_4711 at gmx.de
Mon Aug 1 15:21:21 CEST 2011

>> MODULES_LOAD=( dm_mod dm_snapshot sha256_generic dm_cryptc atl1c )
I excluded this whole line from my local.conf

> Can you try a recent snapshot build from
> http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/sschapiro/ and report
> back?

Now I switched to:
rear -V:
Relax and Recover 0.0.692 / 2011-06-27 09:07:15 +0200

It is looking much better now, thank you for that hint.

Still, I am not able to run it without errors. When I did the "rear
recover" I get:
Disk configuration is identical, proceeding with restore.
No code has been generated to restore device pv:/dev/dm-0 (lvmdev).
Please add code to /var/lib/rear/layout/diskrestore.sh to manually
install it or choose abort.
1) Continue
2) Abort

When I choose 1) for all following existing lvmvolumes also, I will end
up with:
Please enter the password for cr_sda4(/dev/sda2):
Enter LUKS passphrase:

When I provide the correct password, I get:
Start system layout restoration.
Disk layout created.
ERROR: Could not source ´/mnt/local/etc/sysconfig/kernel´

In /tmp/rear.log I do have this entry which should be related:
line 16: /mnt/local/etc/sysconfig/kernel: No such file or directory
Trace: 17 Source

I guess I am getting this error since ReaR can't apply all config
settings. This is my /var/lib/rear/layout/disklayout.conf from the
system to be backed up:

disk /dev/sda 400088457216 msdos
part /dev/sda 73400320 145974362112 primary boot /dev/sda1
part /dev/sda 254040604672 146047762432 primary lvm /dev/sda2
lvmdev /dev/system /dev/dm-0 FIl0bW-cxRU-6QYf-aEIG-nICQ-mU6V-cG7fKe
lvmgrp /dev/system 4096 60567 248082432
lvmvol /dev/system home 38400 314572800
lvmvol /dev/system root 12800 104857600
lvmvol /dev/system swap 512 4194304
fs /dev/mapper/system-root / ext4
uuid=7073a02b-97a1-4446-a286-4dd6a2b1f004 label= blocksize=4096
reserved_blocks=655264 max_mounts=-1 check_interval=0d
fs /dev/sda1 /boot ext4 uuid=79971d7b-049f-4797-8890-b08396378ecc label=
blocksize=1024 reserved_blocks=3584 max_mounts=-1 check_interval=0d
fs /dev/mapper/system-home /home ext4
uuid=8885a555-9a21-4fcf-9f81-55ed455e7fc9 label= blocksize=4096
reserved_blocks=1965760 max_mounts=-1 check_interval=0d
swap /dev/mapper/system-swap uuid=fc7e9aa7-92fe-4398-afc2-010ac583c169
crypt /dev/mapper/cr_sda4 /dev/sda2 cipher=aes mode=cbc-essiv:sha256
hash=sha1 uuid=a43638b-8c55-4eeb-b30e-c573a9ea6e65

I will provide more details if needed. I would love to get this
beautiful tool to work.


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