[Rear-users] Separating output and backup

Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
Thu Apr 7 09:53:48 CEST 2011


Am 07.04.2011 09:46, schrieb Jeroen Hoekx:
>> BTW, looking at
>> > http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jeroen-hoekx/+junk/rear-separate/revision/302#usr/share/rear/prep/NETFS/default/15_determine_output_prefix.sh
>> > I was wondering why not to simply set the OUTPUT_PREFIX to $(uname -n)
>> > in default.conf, same like NETFS_PREFIX? That way you would not need
>> > this script and have a sane default in OUTPUT_PREFIX (which is the
>> > purpose of of default.conf, give every variable a sane default).
> That would break backwards compatibility. If we use a value in
> default.conf, we don't know if this is explicitly set by the user or
> the default. If the user changed NETFS_PREFIX, we need the empty
> OUTPUT_PREFIX to determine that case, otherwise it would not change to
> value it used to in previous versions of ReaR.

I see that I had not thought it through till the end. Last question:
Would it not be equally possible to test for OUTPUT_PREFIX=$(uname -n)
like you test for OUTPUT_PREFIX=""?

In any case, I belive that this is something that should be explained in
a comment over OUTPUT_PREFIX in default.conf so that we will remember
about it.

I guess we should also think about a way how to make old variables go
away. After seeing the commits I will try to think about that in more

> We care about backcompat :-)

Yes, this is really important. Thank you for caring!

Kind Regard,

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