[Rear-users] Rear development questions

Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
Thu Sep 2 18:08:22 CEST 2010


Am 02.09.2010 15:01, schrieb Dag Wieers:
>> I was referring to your initial question of _always_ having some boot
>> > media on the tape...
>> >
>> > Maybe a bit far-fetched...
> Ok, I understand. Of course there should be a way to disable it to 
> accomodate for certain backup software. We are actually looking at having 
> Bacula use rear to write the OBDR first and then its own backups. As we 
> don't want to go an rewrite a whole backup framework in Rear.

I would expect this to be handled by "rear mkrescue" with a suitable
configuration because this is the main function of mkrescue: Create a
boot&recovery media for an existing backup solution.

BTW, maybe you might consider the whole ISO/OBDR configuration question
like this:

ISO_OBDR_DEVICE=NETFS # means that in NETFS_URL we find the tape device
ISO_OBDR_DEVICE=/dev/nst0 # use this one regardless of other stuff

and then OBDR creation is just part of the output/ISO stuff somewhere in
the 90-* range. Together with reordering the output and backup stages
you would be practically done.

In the end I also see it feasable to allow a configuration option to
choose the order between backup and output depending on wether one wants
to have some result from backup in output or needs the output for the
backup. Just something like

	if test "$BACKUP_NEEDS_OUTPUT" ; then
		Log "Doing output Stage first"
		SourceStage "output"
		SourceStage "backup"
		SourceStage "backup"
	        SourceStage "output"

in lib/mkbackup-workflow.sh and set this variable somewhere in prep
where you decide what is going on.

Question: Together with the multi-backup support I mentioned in the
other mail, would that not provide most of what you want to achieve?


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