[Rear-users] Rear development questions

Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
Thu Sep 2 17:35:13 CEST 2010


for sending off the ISO to a different location than the one specified
in OUTPUT I would recommend the email feature which is actually the
essential part of our vision for a secure disaster recovery
infrastructure (because it is truly drop-only).

So even with OUTPUT=TAPE|OBDR you would still get the resulint ISO via
Email :-)

For not trashing a Bacula tape by a ReaR tar-style backup I would
suggest that you add something to ReaR that allows ReaR to *optionally*
identify suitable tapes. Maybe then a new workflow like "rear
tape-format" would be called for, but this workflow could just do that
without doing all the Stage business the other workflows do :-)

Am 02.09.2010 14:57, schrieb Dag Wieers:
> A similar use-case we discussed yesterday, we may want to do a 
> BACKUP=NETFS to tape, but it's quite possible we also want to do a 
> BACKUP=Bacula and have that flexibility.

Does ReaR really make an actual backup with BACKUP=Bacula? So far our
design was that the integration with a backup software means that ReaR
does *not* make any backups but assumes that they simply exist. Of
course you could add something to ReaR to also trigger a Bacula backup,
but then please make sure that it is something one has to enable in the
configuration as the standard behaviour of ReaR would be to rely on
existing backups.

The main point for BACKUP=<some software> is to tell ReaR to take along
that software+configuration to be able to use it during restore.

If you really want to have some kind of multi-backup support maybe we
should look into allowing BACKUP to be an Array. Thus you would write


and ReaR would try them in this order and use the first one that works.
Since Bash Arrays fall back to Bash Scalars this would be totally
backwards compatible with old configurations :-) The implementation
would be a simple loop iterating over both in the right place...

And then one could do the same with OUTPUT without much effort ...

Kind Regards,

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