[Rear-users] problem loading network driver with firmware

Joerg Schum joerg.schum at gmx.de
Wed Oct 27 16:08:47 CEST 2010


Am 27.10.2010 15:06, schrieb Schlomo Schapiro:
> Did you try to run this script manually to load the firmware? Maybe it
> is an ordering issue, try to add this firmware line before the modprobe
> line of 00-rear.rules.

running this script manually seems a little problematic for me ...

this is the listing ...

#!/bin/sh -e

FIRMWARE_DIRS="/lib/firmware/$(uname -r) /lib/firmware"

err() {
       echo "$@" >&2
       logger -t "${0##*/}[$$]" "$@" 2>/dev/null || true

if [ ! -e /sys$DEVPATH/loading ]; then
       err "udev firmware loader misses sysfs directory"
       exit 1

       [ -e "$DIR/$FIRMWARE" ] || continue
       echo 1 > /sys$DEVPATH/loading
       cat "$DIR/$FIRMWARE" > /sys$DEVPATH/data
       echo 0 > /sys$DEVPATH/loading
       exit 0

echo -1 > /sys$DEVPATH/loading
err "Cannot find  firmware file '$FIRMWARE'"
exit 1

i have no idea what the $DEVPATH variable is in that moment.
Also how can i re-run the udev stuff after the system has bootet into 
that failure? That meens, I can only edit the Rescue system after it is 
bootet. And how can i re-run the network initialization procedure after 

> If you find a solution a patch would be appreciated, I don't have
> suitable hardware to test.

This is also my problem at the moment. I have no such hardware.
The hardware is on a data center 100km from here. And i have no remote 

This is the reason, why the tests should ends positive.
Driving 200km, testing 30min and no results, this should not done many 
times. :-/


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