[Rear-users] Backing up to tape-drive and OBDR

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Wed Jul 28 12:00:03 CEST 2010


The ReaR README states:

     The result is also a bootable image that is capable of booting via
     PXE, DVD/CD and tape (OBDR).

But we don't see any real tape drive support (grep for TAPE_DEVICE in the 

What's more the OBDR support can't really be functional. Doing a dd for 
the padding is ok, but we don't see the ISO being writen to the 

What we like to do is create a tape that is both the rescue media as well 
as contains a complete backup of the system (could be TBs of data). 
Currently ReaR does not seem to support both.

Using a tape-drive is not even an option for normal backup :-/

Has anyone already worked on that ? Why does it seem incomplete ? Any 
advice ? :-)

Thanks in advance,

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