[Rear-users] New feature: savelayout and checklayout

Jeroen Hoekx jeroen.hoekx at hamok.be
Fri Dec 17 09:31:57 CET 2010


On 16 December 2010 20:04, Gratien D'haese <gratien.dhaese at it3.be> wrote:

> As long as we stay in certain margin's the resizing of the partitions
> should be done. This will/might jeopardize the vgcfgrestore step.
> But, be careful with Windows partitions - do not resize these as these
> stop working (albeit a nice opportunity to get rid of M$).
> Swap partitions should not be shrinked, increasing may be done, but
> not too much.

Indeed, those are important to get right. (The current layout code
does not have automatic resizing in it)

> Noticed that you use a lot sfdisk, but ia64 does not support sfdisk.
> parted is by my knowledge the only that is supported across all
> architectures.

I have not used parted before, but I know of the issues.

The problem is not ia64, but GPT disks. These will also appear in x86
sometime, so something has to be fixed. Either people fix sfdisk like
they've already fixed fdisk, or we will have to use parted for
everything. Parted seems nice in that it will automatically align
partitions correctly. I've written code to do that myself in the

Any input on this is appreciated.

> That was true, but 1.9.0 is going  fast in the right direction ;-) to
> correct this.
> However, I think it would be nice to draw a line somehow under
> 1.9.0 and prep it for a release. 6 months is long enough, isn't it?

"Release when what you currently have is an improvement over the
previous version" and 1.9 is better that 1.7.
This change is future work in ReaR and one which warrants a new
version number :-)



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