[Rear-users] BACULA support added to ReaR

Gratien D'haese gratien.dhaese at it3.be
Thu Dec 16 20:23:47 CET 2010

There is one thing on my mind with BEXTRACT and OBDR.
Dit you first make an OBDR tape and then append the bacula
backup to it?

bextract is a good way to restore bacula tapes without a bacula
server, but is should always be a fail-back solution not the main
path to follow. That is my opinion.
try the bconsole first, if that fails bextract could be proposed.
What about the tape drive being on another media server (bacula
driven)? Most likely that won't work, right?
Very flaky bacula - an excellent piece of program - well designed,
but they forgot a decent command line... I don't like the bconsole
concept - that is my opinion only.

Come to the main point, please try to avoid making another trigger like
BEXTRACT - it gets confusing.
Fot that reason I started with doc/configuration-examples.txt as it is
becoming too  complicated for novice users (and for me - does that
makes me a novice user?)

Simplify gentleman is my message.

For that reason I will merge USBFS into NETFS.


On 16 Dec 2010, at 16:21, Dag Wieers wrote:

> On Wed, 15 Dec 2010, Stephens, Bill {PBSG} wrote:
>> Thanks for the info.  It looks like we were both thinking alike.  This 
>> is my first foray into sourceforge so I didn't even see the patches 
>> section until you mentioned it.  What's the correct etiquette?  Should I 
>> wait until your patch is accepted and pull down that trunk, or apply 
>> your patch to the current trunk, and add my changes?
> Hi Bill,
> I have no strong opinions on it :) As long as the result implements what 
> we both need (which is certainly not a problem) then it's up to us to 
> decide how we want to do it.
> I will have some time next week to work on this (currently I am on 
> holiday). If you could compare both implementations and answer Schlomo's 
> questions (which was blocking acceptation) then we are already one step 
> closer to a solution.
> The easiest is to have 2 different backup (in fact, restore) options, as 
> it makes it a lot more explicit what (restore) strategy you have 
> available. Also our patch adds bextract and some other useful tools to the 
> BACULA method too (which was one of Schlomo's question IIRC).
> Thanks in advance !
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