[Rear-users] BACULA support added to ReaR

Gratien D'haese gratien.dhaese at it3.be
Wed Dec 15 12:28:28 CET 2010

Thanks for the patch and I had a look into it.
My first impression is to
merge the BACKUP method BACULA and BEXTRACT into BACULA.
The bextract
method could be triggered by the presence of BEXTRACT_VOL and BEXTRACT_MP
which must be defined in the /etc/rear/local.conf (I guess).
the rest I don't see much difference, or am I wrong?

Currently, in the
mkrescue or mkbackup work-flow we do not check the existence of a
made by bacula. Therefore, I would keep it together.
What are your

best regards,

On Tue, 14 Dec 2010 13:56:44 -0600,
"Stephens, Bill {PBSG}" wrote:
> I created a new BACULA patch for restoring
using bextract. I felt the
> requirement differences for a bacula vs
bextract were significant enough to
> justify it, and it made coding it
easier. Although they're part of the
> same product, a Bacula restore
assumes there is an external server that
> you'll need to connect to that
has a mysql database, backup director,
> storage director, etc. For a
bextract the assumption is that the Bacula
> infrastructre either doesn't
exist or its on the same machine. The patches
> I've attached are based on
the BACULA code already submitted, and assume
> the backup is on a local
removable drive, but could be expanded to tape. 
> In our case it's an
drive that's oem'd by HP and Dell. 
> Thanks,
> Bill

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> Subject: Re: [Rear-users] BACULA
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> Hi,
> On 22/11/10 15:27, Dag Wieers wrote:
We would like to also provide a second Bacula option for restoring,
>> is using Bacula's bextract. This does not need the daemons or a
>> instance.
> You should be able to put everything into ReaR
that helps you...
>> The reason for this option is mostly for the Bacula
server itself (which 
>> in our case is every Bacula server deployed to
different 'branches'). 
>> Would it be acceptable to implement a second
backup method called 
>> 'BEXTRACT' or 'bextract' ?
> Could you make
this an option of the BACULA method or is it too different
> from
> the
BACULA stuff? Is bextract used to extract the data on bacula tapes
without a
> running Bacula server? Could this be the automatic default of
> ReaR runs on the backup server?
>> Would this be
acceptable ?
> Sure, just send us the patch.
> Kind Regards,
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