[Rear-users] BACULA support added to ReaR

Stephens, Bill {PBSG} Bill.Stephens at pepsico.com
Tue Dec 14 20:56:44 CET 2010

I created a new BACULA patch for restoring using bextract. I felt the requirement differences for a bacula vs bextract were significant enough to justify it, and it made coding it easier.  Although they're part of the same product, a Bacula restore assumes there is an external server that you'll need to connect to that has a mysql database, backup director, storage director, etc.  For a bextract the assumption is that the Bacula infrastructre either doesn't exist or its on the same machine.  The patches I've attached are based on the BACULA code already submitted, and assume the backup is on a local removable drive, but could be expanded to tape.  In our case it's an RDX (http://www.tandbergdata.com/emea/index.cfm/products/removable-disk/rdx-quikstor/) drive that's oem'd by HP and Dell.  



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On 22/11/10 15:27, Dag Wieers wrote:
> We would like to also provide a second Bacula option for restoring, which 
> is using Bacula's bextract. This does not need the daemons or a mysql 
> instance.

You should be able to put everything into ReaR that helps you...

> The reason for this option is mostly for the Bacula server itself (which 
> in our case is every Bacula server deployed to different 'branches'). 
> Would it be acceptable to implement a second backup method called 
> 'BEXTRACT' or 'bextract' ?

Could you make this an option of the BACULA method or is it too different from
the BACULA stuff? Is bextract used to extract the data on bacula tapes without a
running Bacula server? Could this be the automatic default of BACKUP=BACULA if
ReaR runs on the backup server?

> Would this be acceptable ?

Sure, just send us the patch.

Kind Regards,

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