[Rear-users] Including programs used in udev rules

Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
Sun Dec 5 08:40:19 CET 2010


sind most RUN or PROGRAM calls are to bash scripts and not binary programs one
would also have to make sure that everything that your script needs will be

I was not able to come up with an easy solution to that question...

Besides that it would be useful to include everything found in udev rules into
ReaR, the idea with ReaR 1.9 is to "clone" the udev environment with everything
it needs to run.

Beware of the following effect: The PROGS array is intended for files found int
$PATH. For everything else one should use COPY_AS_IS. AFAIKT many udev callouts
are not in $PATH.

As usual, patches are most welcome.

Kind Regards,

On 03/12/10 16:26, Jeroen Hoekx wrote:
> Hello,
> Dag and I were looking into why our cciss initialization script wasn't
> automatically added to the PROGS array even though it was part of a
> udev rule.
> usr/share/rear/build/GNU/Linux/60_verify_and_adjust_udev.sh :
> This script looks for all programs mentioned in rules and checks if
> they are included. It prints a warning when the program is not part of
> the rescue system already.
> We thought it would be helpful to automatically add programs used in
> udev rules to the PROGS array. Is there a rationale for not including
> them?
> Greetings,
> Jeroen
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