[Rear-users] Restoring to a different system

Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
Tue Aug 31 17:12:25 CEST 2010


yes, P2V with repartitioning is actually still on the "waiting for
patch" list, sorry.

I once had a dream that it might be possible to write a simple solution
(simple = incomplete) that would use parted in % mode to simply map the
old layout to the new disk while keeping the relative sizes. Of course
this fails with drastic changes, but should work great where disk size
differences (with regard to actually used data) are not so relevant.


Am 31.08.2010 16:57, schrieb Dag Wieers:
> Hi,
> Today's test to restore one system to another stopped prematurely with...
> ----
> # rear recover
> Relax & Recover Version 0.0.0 / 2010-07-25
> WARNING! The original device /dev/cciss/c0d0 [838 GB] is not available or 
> too small [558 GB].
> ERROR: Required Physical device '/dev/cciss/c0d0' could not be found and 
> no suitable alternative available!
> ----
> What P2V functionality could help here. Less than 70GB is actually backed 
> up, so the data certainly fits on disks. Only the sizes are different.
> Kind regards,

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