[Rear-users] Rear development questions

Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
Tue Aug 31 00:01:33 CEST 2010


about the other point...

The main idea behind ReaR is that with the "rear mkrescue" or "rear mkbackup"
you also commit to how the restore will happen. ATM there is nothing in ReaR
that would allow you to boot from a single boot media and then choose the
recovery method. The whole point of ReaR is to be fool-proof once the recovery
image has been created.

So, to go with the ReaR design you would need to create 2 different boot media.
One for OBDR recovery (probably located on tape :-) ) and the other one for
Bacula recovery, maybe located on PXE (for example).

Of course you could do a little trick and put into local.conf or site.conf some
Bash code to determine which settings to activate depending on some external
factors, e.g.

if <tape-checking-command> ; then

That is the beauty of having Bash scripts as config files :-)

In theory you could also pull all that into the rescue system as ReaR in the
rescue system will configure itself exactly as the regular ReaR... So if you
hard-code (COPY_AS_IS...) the Bacula client into your rescue image then it will
always be there even if you boot from tape...

But, IMHO this is really user customization and usage and not part of a ReaR


On 30/08/10 17:43, Dag Wieers wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a few questions regarding workflows. We have now created an 
> 'mkobdr' workflow, but this workflow doesn't just write the rescue ISO to 
> tape, it also performs a full backup to that same tape.
> However, I am not sure that everyone using OBDR wants to use it also as a 
> backup mechanism.
> Similarly, since we also have a Bacula backup solution, for recovery we 
> may want to do a full recovery from tape (in certain cases) or perform a 
> full recovery from Bacula.
> So the questions are:
>   - Should we create an 'mkobdr' and 'mkobdrbackup' workflow for both
>     situations ? I'd like to not have to change the config-file in order to
>     change between both actions.
>   - Can we create a different recovery workflows for doing a full restore
>     from tape and a restore from Bacula ?
> In fact, at the moment we prefer that the Bacula restore is done manually 
> after restoring the partitioning/filesystems. But maybe in the future 
> there might be a generic way to recover from Bacula ?

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