[Rear-users] REAR recovery to changed hardware

Kai-Uwe.Schurig at t-systems.com Kai-Uwe.Schurig at t-systems.com
Mon Mar 23 16:37:17 CET 2009


we are about to evaluate REAR in a HP-Server environment for desaster
recovery and maybe also as a P2V solution.
Backup/Recovery on identical hardware seems to be working fine, I will
do some further tests an post the results later.

When we try to restore a REAR backup from a physical machine (e.g. HP DL
380 G5) to a virtual machine (e.g. a VM in a VMware VI3 environment) we
get a error message like "ERROR: required physical device
/dev/cciss/c0d0 could not be found".
This is clear, because the hard disk controller in the vm is a virtual
LSI logic (mptspi) and not a HP Smart Array (cciss) as in the physical
Regarding http://rear.sourceforge.net/faqs.php#differentdisk the
recovery to changed hardware is a planned feature.
Also there is a statement "As a very crude workaround you can try to
patch and modify the files in /etc/rear/recovery to suit your new
hardware layout. If you do it correctly, then recovery will work again.
We would like to implement an automatism for this kind of modifications
that guides the user through this possibly very difficult process."
Looking at /etc/rear/ I don't see any files which can be patched. I
seems that the relevant files are in /usr/share/rear, especially in the
recreate directory?
Can somebody give us a hint what file(s) we have to patch and what
modifications we should do to make the restore running on the new
hardware layout?
A second step is to enable recovery to smaller hard disks, which is
related to our planned P2V usage.

We are about to make a decision how to contribute to make the recovery
to changed hardware working, at least for our test environment (HP
Server as source and VMWare VI3 VM as destination). We need the
information to check what effort is necessary to implement this feature.
If we get this running, we will of course make this information
available for all other REAR users.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Kai-Uwe Schurig

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