[Rear-users] Relax & Recover Version 1.7.23 released / Project News

Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
Mon Dec 14 14:19:23 CET 2009


it is again time for a new ReaR release. Highlights are
- fixed ext* creation bug (sorry about that, my copy&paste mistake)
- fixed rsyslog on 64bit Linux
- take along open-vm-tools (tested on SUSE only), it keeps the modules
/lib/modules, real crazy.
- maybe improved SATA Support, change module loading order (should fix
all cases
where sda turned into hda when booting from the rescue media)
- really lots of small bug fixes, thanks to everybody who found one and
told us

Please intensively test ReaR anywhere you can and report back success or
failure. Lacking real test hardware I can only test with various VMs (mostly
VMware Workstation and VirtualBox).

Release Notes for Relax & Recover 1.7.23 released at 2009-12-09:
  * some bug fixing
  * added validation info for openSUSE 11.2 i386 and x86_64
  * improved library collection for 64bit Linux (e.g. /lib*/libnss*)
  * symlink doc and contrib in the dist archive to reduce the size
  * clone required system users/groups to rescue system (daemon and rpc)

The 1.7.22 release contained some critical bugs on x86_64 (see above) and
should not be used. For the sake of completeness here the 1.7.22 release
notes again:
  * added -L to stat call to read real device in 29_find_required_devices.sh
  * make sen2host report cps errors
  * updated rear.spec, rear.sourcespec of SUSE and FEDORA
  * updated contrib/mkvendorrpm to pull version nr from rear, CHANGED
  * updated lib/spec/Fedora/rear.sourcespec Require field and doc/
  * updated skel/default/etc/scripts/system-setup to improve loading modules
  * updated finalize/default/88_check_for_mount_by_id.sh
  * added prep/GNU/Linux/28_include_vmware_tools.sh
  * moved some misplaced scripts from pack to build
  * added contrib/sen2hosts (continuous integration script)
  * fixed up mkdist-workflow.sh and contrib/sen2tar to share more code
  * removed the FUT-8 conversion (IMHO should be only done manually)
  * removed the overwriting of the generic spec file with vendor
specific spec file
  * fixed the copying of /Dev/sh/* by adding it to COPY_AS_IS_EXCLUDE
  * support open-vm-tools and loading of vignette
  * removed the usage of udev_volume_id (for RHEL4) in favor of internal
  * fixed internal vol_id to correctly strip leading spaces from the values
  * fixed 31_create_filesystems.sh to actually correctly create ext* and
    support FS labels with < or > in them

  * added usleep and mktemp
  * Fixed all wrong occurrences of [*] with [@].
  * backup/NETFS/default/40_create_include_exclude_files.sh
    fixed variable name for excluded mount points to actually read
  * recreate/GNU/Linux/22_create_lvm2_devices.sh
    move lvm vgchange -a y  in loop to avoid old VGs to activate

TAR.GZ archives are available from
https://sourceforge.net/projects/rear/files/rear%20development/1.7.23/ and
binary packages are available from the openSUSE Build Server at
http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/sschapiro/. Please
report broken
packages to me ASAP so that I can fix them.

What do we expect to happen over the next few months:
- Merge Heinlein P2V Code back into ReaR
- Merge PPC Patch into ReaR
- Lots of bug fixes from ReaR users :-)

Other project news:
- openSUSE 11.2 ships ReaR (unfortunately it is partially broken, update
come soon)
- Fedora 12 also ships a broken ReaR (again, update should come soon)
- Peer Heinlein gave a talk at the SLAC 2009
about the new P2V feature and we also proposed a rear-server, the slides
be available for download soon.

Kind Regards,
Schlomo Schapiro

PS: I was really happy to see some of you at the SLAC :-)
PPS: Guess what, a FS label of <none> can be either a label named
"<none>" or
indicate that no label was set... The result may vary with the Linux
distro you
are using and it might happen that ReaR will set the label to "<none>".
tell us whether this causes any problems.

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