[Rear-users] /etc/sysconfig/rear ?

Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
Mon Aug 31 15:20:41 CEST 2009

Hi Werner,

Werner Flamme wrote:
> Schlomo Schapiro [31.08.2009 11:15]:
>> Hi,
>> somebody suggested adding another configuration file /etc/sysconfig/rear
>> to be more LSB compliant and maybe integrate with existing management
>> tools for /etc/sysconfig/* files.
>> What is your opinion about this?
>> Would you scratch one of local.conf or site.conf in favour of
>> /etc/sysconfig/rear or should it be just an additional config file?
>> What would be the best order of sourcing between /etc/sysconfig/rear and
>> /etc/rear/*.conf (meaning, which file should be read last)?
> Hi Schlomo,
> since most files in /etc/sysconfig give basic configuration, I would not
> drop local.conf or site.conf for it. Maybe it could replace
> default.conf, or the basic files /etc/rear/Linux-${ARCH}.conf.
> Therefore, I'd suggest that it is read first, and /etc/rear/*.conf
> afterwards.

That was my thought also to put it before site.conf.

> When using as an additional file - what should be configured there?

Same thing as in all the other config files (bash variables). The whole
point to have several config files is to use different tools to manage
them. With AutoYaST for example one can modify /etc/sysconfig/rear at a
higher abstraction level (-> sysconfig variables) than regular
configuration files. But for the "basic config" you mentioned the
limited capability of sysconfig variables should be enough.


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