[Rear-users] 2 Prpblems with ReaR

Marcel Sommer Madcat2000 at gmx.net
Sat Oct 11 22:52:18 CEST 2008

Hi Schlomo,

thank you for your reply and sorry for my late posting! I had big
Problems with my Kernel(2.6.17) and udev. This was the reason.

Now, ReaR work's perfectly with my new Kernel(2.6.25)!


> Hi,
> you need "ip" because the network code depends on it. IIRC on >
debian it is in
> the iproute or iproute2 package.
> You might miss another programm, please post the /tmp/rear.log >
file. rear -D
> might be useful, too.
> Finally, I don't recall anybody testing rear on debian on x86_64.
> Please try the
> latest 1.7.6 and - if it works well - do rear validate.
> Regards,
> Schlomo

>> Marcel Sommer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to use rear 1.6 with Debian Testing on a
>> When I start the command "rear -S mkrescue", so I agree the
follow messages:
>> ERROR: cannot find required program 'ip'
>> Question: Which deb-Packet includes the Programm 'ip'? When
delete this
>> Entry in /etc/rear/default.conf, then works the Script up to the next
>> Problem:
>> ERROR: /etc/rear/recovery/mountpoint_device is missing
>> Question: Why does the script not found the Mountpoint-Device?
>> Best Regards,
>> Marcel Sommer
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