[Rear-users] Problem with recovery on HP ProLiant BL460c Blade

Müller Werner w.mueller at fis-asp.de
Thu Nov 27 07:37:43 CET 2008


I'm quite new to ReaR. I tried to backup a SLES10 SP2 system running on a Blade HP ProLiant BL460c . The creation of the ISO-File as well as backing up data via netfs worked fine but when I tried to restore the backed up data on the same Blade (with new Hard Disks) the boot process stuck very close to the end (I already see a login promt) and the system seems to be frozen, eg. I'm not able to enter anything.

Furthermore I tried to recover the backed up system using the same ISO-Image on a HP DL380 R05 and everything worked fine. 
I encountered a slight difference in the behavior  to the demo movie. At the login promt appeared " bnx2: eth1 NIC Copper Link is Up, 1000Mbps full  duplex". After entering  <Enter>  a second login promt appeared and I was able to go ahead. After entering "rear" I was able to continue with "rear recover". The recovery finished successfully and after rebooting the recovered system  everything was ok.

I used this local.conf :

--- quote ---

MODULES=( mii )

--- unquote ---

I attached a couple of screenshots from booting the Blade and booting and recovering the HP DL380 (screenshots.zip) and the log 'rear.zip'.

 <<screenshots.zip>>  <<rear.zip>> 

Has anybody an idea why this problem occur and how it can be solved? Please advice.

Kind regards 
Werner Müller

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IT-Outsourcing GmbH
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email: w.mueller at fis-asp.de web: www.fis-asp.de

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Registergericht Schweinfurt HRB 3865 

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