[Rear-users] rear mkrescue hangs on SLES 9 (SP4)

Werner Flamme werner.flamme at ufz.de
Tue Feb 26 14:30:07 CET 2008

Schlomo Schapiro   [28.01.2008 16:04]:
> Hi,
> could you please verify it with the rear 1.6 distribution ? You can 
> easily make your own by patching the lib/rear.spec file to add another 
> something to Release: and running rear mkrpm to create your own rpm (or 
> rear mktar for a simple tar).
> I don't understand why 50% of the [n] hack works and 100% does not work 
> ... but the problem was the tar and not the sed .
> Regards,
> Schlomo


sorry not to write earlier, I had two successive system crashes on a
system not yet handled with ReaR :-/ and had a lot of things to do until
it is up and running again, including reorganizing a 3.5 TB RAID...

I did a "rpm -e rear" followed by "rpm -i rear-1.6-1.noarch.rpm",
followed by "rear mkrescue", and I get
# rear mkrescue
Relax & Recover Version 1.6 / 2007-12-05
The preparation phase OK
Physical devices that will be recovered: /dev/sda
Creating root FS layout OK
Copy files and directories OK
Copy program files & libraries OK
Copy kernel modules OK
Create initramfs OK
Making ISO image OK
Wrote ISO Image /tmp/ReaR.iso (13M)
The cleanup phase OK
Finished in 35 seconds.

So, everything is fine now. As fine as on the other boxes. I still can
not explain why ReaR did not run properly on this box :-( The configs
were the same on all machines.

Thanks for your patience!


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