[Rear-users] Questions on handling

Werner Flamme werner.flamme at ufz.de
Tue Apr 22 15:03:02 CEST 2008

Hi list(eners), ;-)

I'm trying to use ReaR in earnest now - and I'm struggling with the
documentation :-(

When I understand /etc/rear/default in the right way, the difference
between "rear mkrescue" and "rear mkbackup" is that the latter does not
only save the data necessary to restore the system but saves "the whole
machine" too. So, mkrescue is part of mkbackup.

To achieve a backup, I must set BACKUP= to the right value. What values
are possible, and what is the effect of the respective setting? Per
default it's BACKUP=REQUESTRESTORE. I do not see a difference between
mkbackup and mkrescue here - what does REQUESTRESTORE mean/do? Other
possibilities seem to be GALAXY, TSM, NETFS, and EXTERNAL. Since we use
ArcServe's NetBackup in the company, I think I am bound to EXTERNAL - if
the client is scriptable, which I think it is not...

And when using EXTERNAL, I am completely free what I want do do? As
EXTERNAL_BACKUP I can give some shellscript that looks around the disk
to see what's worth saving ;-), moves/copies it to a collecting
directory tree (for example /forbackup/*) and have it maybe transported
to another machine without the knowledge of ReaR? Same for

I really loved the demo on SLAC2007 :-) - everything was so simple, but
I never asked for details...


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