[Rear-users] minor .spec file changes, and feedback on CentOS 4.6

Vincent Knecht vknecht at club-internet.fr
Wed Dec 19 16:25:48 CET 2007


  I've made minor changes to the RPM spec file, mostly adding required packages,
and using macros for rm/cp/mkdir commands. I'm looking at having it added to
the RPMForge repository later ( http://dag.wieers.com/rpm/ ).
  There's still a little issue/warning about files being packaged twice, though
(the ones in /etc/ with noreplace).

  Running it on CentOS 4.6, I had a few issues:
- the previously discussed issue with udev_volume_id vs. vol_id:
  I rebuilt and installed the one you provide, and then it works.
  But I somehow feel it's wrong, and it would be neat to have it solved
  without needed that vol_id RPM.
  It looks like you did a fallback bash function for RHAS/ia64, but it looks
  like it's not used on CentOS 4/i386 (even tried simlinking
  /usr/share/rear/prep/CentOS to /usr/share/rear/prep/RedHatEnterpriseAS
  but that didn't seem to change anything...
- When /sbin and /usr/sbin are not in PATH, resp. ip and vgcfgbackup commands
  are not found.
- Using TSM as backup method, the backup of ISO image with dsmc fails if one
  hasn't created /opt/tivoli/tsm/rear/ manually.
  Strange thing is that when it's there, the rear.log claims that rear created
  it (and backup succeeds).

I still haven't tested the ISO image, and recovery, but I can say rear looks
like a really cool program to me, and solves my worries about restoring a TSM
backed-up machine when it cannot boot (not having some DR plugin or something).

Thanks a lot :-)
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