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Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Wed Jun 19 21:35:08 CEST 2013

On Wed, 19 Jun 2013, Yoann Laissus wrote:

> Hello all,
> First, let's talk a bit about us and our work. Florent Rochette and me, 
> Yoann Laissus, are currently in an internship at Bull (a French-owned 
> computer company, bull.com). Currently, a fork of mkCDrec is used to 
> prevent disaster for RHEL servers. Due to the deprecation of mkCDrec, it 
> was decided that Rear will be used in a near future. We are responsible 
> of the switch between those two solutions. So, we need to make sure 
> everything is correctly supported on Bull servers.
> In the coming months, we will probably send you regular patches to add 
> new features or fix bugs we could encounter.

Hi Yoann and Florent,

I am excited to see some new (corporate) interest because this project 
always gets an important boost whenever a user decides to become a 
contributor !

Both Jeroen and I joined a couple of years ago because of a similar 
project, so there is definitely a lot of sympathy to your cause (not just 
because of the choice of the project ;-))

It could be useful to understand when the internship will start and when 
it should be concluded, as well as to have a list of objectives ordered 
from high to low priority. This could be very convenient to understand how 
we can help to achieve your goals.

We also plan to have a Relax-and-Recover developer meeting in Ghent, 
Belgium to discuss a few of the important items we should tackle. Both 
discussions and hopefully some implementations will result from this. If 
you are interested to join, let me know. We haven't set any dates yet so 
we can accomodate to the interest of others if needed.

> We have access to servers with many different configurations (eg: Fiber 
> channel with multipath, RAID cards, SAN, ...).
> So we will be able to test Rear with various test cases.

Both the variety of configurations, as well as better testing, is 
something I am personally interested in because of our previous project. 
Any help is more than welcome in both areas !

> Our first interrogation was about disk matching at the restore time. 
> Currently (according to the layout/prepare/default/25_compare_disks.sh 
> file), only the disk size is checked. What's your opinion about another 
> check like serial number of disk for example (unique identifiers).

Schlomo Shapiro already answered on this one and I agree with his 
assessement. We tend to support both recovery to the exact same system as 
well as different hardware.

A functional requirement and a specific use-case for this request could be 
useful. For instance, I think some improvement to reporting to the user 
that /dev/sda is not the original disk is a welcome addition (and probably 
better than just comparing the size). We have the information, so why not 
put it to good use ?

I am anticipating great things to come ;-)

Welcome !
-- dag wieers, dag at wieers.com, http://dag.wieers.com/
-- dagit linux solutions, contact at dagit.net, http://dagit.net/

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