[rear-devel] New contributors

Yoann Laissus Yoann.Laissus at bull.net
Wed Jun 19 12:48:50 CEST 2013

Hello all,

First, let's talk a bit about us and our work. Florent Rochette and me, Yoann Laissus, are currently in an internship at Bull (a French-owned computer company, bull.com). Currently, a fork of mkCDrec is used to prevent disaster for RHEL servers. Due to the deprecation of mkCDrec, it was decided that Rear will be used in a near future. We are responsible of the switch between those two solutions. So, we need to make sure everything is correctly supported on Bull servers.

In the coming months, we will probably send you regular patches to add new features or fix bugs we could encounter.

We have access to servers with many different configurations (eg: Fiber channel with multipath, RAID cards, SAN, ...).
So we will be able to test Rear with various test cases.

Our first interrogation was about disk matching at the restore time. Currently (according to the layout/prepare/default/25_compare_disks.sh file), only the disk size is checked. What's your opinion about another check like serial number of disk for example (unique identifiers).

Best regards,
Florent and Yoann
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