[rear-devel] VMware integration

Schlomo Schapiro schlomo at schapiro.org
Tue Jul 31 21:06:41 CEST 2012

I think it also depends if you are using the open-vm-tools which are now
mostly part of the distros or the (non open-source) vmware-tools, which
still have to be installed by downloading a package or a tar.gz from
VMware. I think that especially the latter option leads to the modules
beeing outside /lib/modules.

Personally I think that people who use the original vmware-tools have a
reason for doing so and then we should just take it along, even if it
bloats the image.

Everybody else will probably not have this bloating problem at all.

As I am not 100% certain, maybe somebody could check this out?


On 30 July 2012 12:47, Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> As per issue #139 (https://github.com/rear/rear/issues/139), the inclusion
> of the complete /usr/lib/vmware-tools/ directory inflates the rescue image
> greatly. I want to understand the goals of including this complete
> directory:
> usr/share/rear/prep/GNU/Linux/28_include_vmware_tools.sh:
> ----
> # $Id$
> #
> # recent vmware tools (or maybe it is just open-vm-tools on SUSE) keep
> their modules
> # outside the /lib/modules path. To cope with that we add the vmware-tools
> if vmxnet
> # is loaded but modinfo cannot find it.
> if lsmod | grep -q vmxnet ; then
>          if ! modinfo vmxnet >&8 2>&1; then
>                  COPY_AS_IS=( "${COPY_AS_IS[@]}" /usr/lib*/vmware-tools )
>                  Log "Including '/usr/lib*/vmware-tools'"
>          fi
> fi
> ----
> As I don't see a good reason to include the complete VMware-Tools, but
> also don't want to add the complete VMware-Tools modules directory
> (containing modules for all sorts of kernels for all sorts of
> distributions)
> is there not a better solution for this situation ?
> Either move the modules (and dependencies) directly into /lib/modules/...
> or something even better ?
> PS On RHEL6 the VMware modules are part of the kernel shipped by Red Hat.
> So I doubt we even need this directory at all.
> Comments appreciated on Github: https://github.com/rear/rear/issues/139
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