[ReaR-announce] ReaR 1.10.0 released

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Mon Feb 21 21:18:29 CET 2011


to once and for all get rid of all the problems related to directories and
symlinks in RPM/DEB packages we changed the internal structure of Relax and
Recover. This release adds also 2 bugfixes (see below).

Full release notes are available from

Packages are available from
http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/sschapiro/ and you can expect
this version to appear on relevant update channels for those distributions where
ReaR is included.

Source is available via SVN from Subversion or as a tar.gz from

Kind Regards,
Schlomo Schapiro


Release Notes for Relax and Recover 1.10.0

This release changes the internal structure of ReaR and makes symlinks to
directories obsolete.
The new variables OS_MASTER_* define a "parent" distribution for which all
scripts are also included.
This helps for example to run Fedora scripts on CentOS which is derived from
Fedora (through RHEL).

Also the *x86_64 symlinks are now obsolete because x86_64 is mapped to i386 in a
global way.


2011-02-20      GSS     * removed all Linux-x86_64 symlinks and map it to
Linux-i386 instead
2011-02-16      GSS     * add OS_MASTER_* variables to map distros to their
upstream distros
                        * remove all distro symlinks (e.g. CentOS -> Fedora)
                        * reorganize some wrong subdirectories, e.g. Ubuntu
instead of Debian
                        * adjust all ReaR mechanics to support OS_MASTER_* stuff
and also manage if these are empty.
                        * log the automatic switch to USE_DHCLIENT
2011-02-09      GD      * add link under finalize from RedHatEnterpriseClient to
Fedora as pointed out by Olivier KALOUDOFF
                        * 85_make_USB_bootable.sh: applied patch from Jeroen and
Dag (SF#3170685)
                        * setting blocksize to 2048 for OBDR tapes - patch
SF#3169791 (from Dag Wieers)
                          These scripts live under output/OBDR/default/

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