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Sun Sep 5 11:34:42 CEST 2010


to facilitate testing of our SVN trunk we now offer pre-built SVN snapshots
through the openSUSE Build Service.

You can download the packages from


and/or add the appropriate repository to your system. Packages are availabe for
all distributions supported by the OBS, including CentOS/RHEL, Fedora, Mandriva,
openSUSE/SLES , Debian and Ubuntu.

Snapshot builds are created automatically every night and are *not* tested by us
whatsoever, so please use with care. The snapshot packages are called
"rear-snapshot" while the release packages remain as "rear". The snapshot
packages always have a version number of "0.0.0" with a suffix of the SVN
revision they where built from.

If you report a bug against a rear-snapshot package please let us know the SVN
revision as we otherwise won't know where exactly to look.

I hope that the rear-snapshot packages will help to get more people to test ReaR
before a regular release. At the moment we are still waiting for reports about
the new P2V code with all the associated changes that went into the new 1.9 Version.

Please post to the rear-users list for questions and discussions regarding the
rear-snapshot packages.

Kind Regards,
Schlomo Schapiro

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