[ReaR-announce] Relax and Recover 1.7.18 is released

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Sun Mar 15 21:20:06 CET 2009


we just released Relax and Recover 1.7.18.

It is a minor bugfix/compatibility release without any new feature:

* openSUSE 11.1 supported/tested (and possibly other new distros using rpcbind
instead of portmap)
* SATA works now with openSUSE (and probably other distros as well), we did not
load the drivers/ata modules :-(

If you develop from subversion, look at contrib/svn2tar to create a distribution
tar archive.

Please refer to http://rear.sourceforge.net/download.php for download and
installation instructions.

The change log follows:

Version 1.7.18 - Released 2009-03-15
2009-03-14      GSS     * updated main spec file (lib/rear.spec) for openSUSE 11.1
                        * updated portmap starting for openSUSE 11.1 (rpcbind)
2009-03-15      GSS     * added support to load block modules in drivers/ata for
SATA support

Version 1.7.17 - Not Released
2009-03-13      GD      * (Fedora) do not gzip man page in spec file - rpmbuild
will do this for us
                        * (Fedora) added extra %%doc line for excluding man page
from doc itself

Please test this release and report bugs through

Kind regards,
Schlomo Schapiro

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