[Rear-announce] Relax & Recover 1.4 released

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Wed Feb 7 22:46:11 CET 2007


I am happy to announce a new ReaR version:

This is Relax & Recover 1.4

NOTE !!! This release contains a completely new disaster recovery module
(the part which analyses the system and recreates the partitions and file 
systems) that hopefully supports all combinations of LVM, MD etc. devices.

Please test your systems at least once with this new release to make sure 
that the new DR code works for you.

  - new DR code, supporting LVM, MD and various combinations
  - filesystems, PV, MD devices without partition table
  - multiple swap devices & files supported
  - correctly exclude removable devices but include removable hard disks 
    (>15G, adjustable)
  - exclude filesystems or VGs or mountpoints. If you exclude everything 
    on a hard disk, then this disk will not be touched upon recovery (e.g. 
    for SAN volumes)
  - full x86_64 support
  - EXTERNAL backup method (supply an external command)
  - work correctly on non-English systems (set LANG=C internally)
  - added USB OUTPUT to create a boot environment to put onto a syslinux 
    prepared USB key
  - Send resulting files by email (like a deadman postdrop)
  - NETFS backup method will copy resulting boot environment to archive 
  - works faster :-)

Due to the lack of proper documentation you will have to carefully read 
/etc/rear/default.conf to learn about the new configuration variables, 
sorry for that. (Maybe you will contribute some docs ?)


The new DR code relies now heavily on sysfs and udev (making a kernel 2.4 
port even more difficult ...). We actually use only the vol_id or 
udev_volume_id program that is part of udev. However, on some older kernel 
2.6 system you will find such an antique udev version that didn't yet 
contain a usable vol_id or udev_volume_id. To make rear work on those 
systems I created a primitive internal replacement for vol_id that will 
complain loudly about its limitations and suggest you to install a proper 
vol_id. To ease the pain of doing that on SLES9, you can download a vol_id 
RPM from our SF site.

Please test and send me feedback !

Schlomo Schapiro

Version 1.4 - Released 2007-02-06
2006-12-13      GSS     * started porting to x86_64 by symlinking everything i386 -> x86_64
                        * applied LVM-on-MD patch from Michael Figiel
                        * added -S option for step-by-step processing
2006-12-15      GSS     * check for lvm vgcfgbackup --file bug
                        (older lvm2 versions did not fill in %s in the resulting file name)
2006-12-19      GSS     * EXTERNAL backup method (BACKUP=EXTERNAL)
2007-01-03      GSS     * slight fixes to RAID code
                        * workaround the vgcfgbackup %s bug by doing each VG separately
2007-01-11      GSS     * finalized new sysfs-based DR code
                        * Added BugError function to report about bugs (like assert())
                        * Source () function shortens logged script name by $SHARE_DIR
                        * Added LC_CTYPE=C LC_LANG=C LC_ALL=C to rear script to force
                          it to run in C locale and not something funky like french
                          (try this to understand my point:
                                LC_ALL=fr_FR df -h
                                LC_ALL=C df -h
                        * added EXCLUDE_MOUNTPOINT, EXCLUDE_MD, EXCLUDE_VG options
2007-01-12      GSS     * added internal replacement for vol_id for older systems
                          that do not have vol_id or udev_volume_id
                        * fixed nasty sysfs grep bug (grep $dev instead of grep ^$dev$ !!)
2007-01-16      GSS     * added SYSFS_REMOVABLE_DEVICE_SIZE to prevent skipping removable
                          hard disks (e.g. SCSI hot-plug). I wish somebody would find a way
                          to do this better (Note: lsscsi works only for SCSI devices, not IDE)
2007-01-23      GSS     * added RESULT_MAILTO feature
2007-01-27      GSS     * RESULT_MAILTO works now properly
2007-01-28      GSS     * Added USB output method
2007-02-06      GSS     * NETFS saves resulting files to NETFS_URL

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