[ReaR-announce] Relax & Recover 1.6 released

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Wed Dec 5 23:45:56 CET 2007


I am happy to announce a new ReaR version:

This is Relax & Recover 1.6

We start a new versioning scheme with even versions for stable releases and odd
versions for testing/development releases.
This helps to update from a testing release to the next stable release and helps
me a lot to organize my versions.

I might start to make patch releases for small stuff and bug fixes, time will
show (but I see already a 1.6.1 coming up ...)

  - support many recent distributions
  - support "upstart" (Ubuntu 7.10)
  - more ia64 support, please take a look at it (RHEL5 only at the moment)
  - better error reporting and catching
  - Debian packages (mkdeb)
  - improved TSM support

Version 1.6 - Release 2007-12-05
2007-12-05      GSS     * Merged Gratiens ongoing ia64 work

Version 1.5pre8 - Not Released 2007-11-29
2007-11-05      GSS     * Debian 4.0 port
2007-11-08      GSS     * Ubuntu 7.10 port
                        * Fixed localboot -1 in pxelinux.cfg and isolinux.cfg
                        * Report errors in FindPhysicalDevices back to user
                          (catch error in 10_describe_physical_devices.sh)
                        * Ignore extra devices during recovery (we only check the
                          size of all devices from /proc/partitions and don't really
                          care about missing /dev nodes for extra devices)
2007-11-22      FBU     * mkdeb workflow to create Debian packages
                GSS     * /var/lib/nfs/state created as empty file in skeleton
2007-11-29      GD      * RHEL 5 IA64 port started
                        * /etc/inittab need agetty ttyS[0|1] entry

Version 1.5pre3 - Not Released 2007-06-22
2007-06-22      GD      * Port to IA64, not yet complete

Version 1.5pre1 - Released 2007-03-11
2007-02-26      GSS     * Added GuessPhysicalDevice to guess physical devices if
the driver
                          does not provide the device symlink which we rely on
(with cciss)
2007-03-11      GSS     * Removed obsolete / incompatible dependancies on sysfs
                          (device link, rd subdir) and replaced with more
generic solution.
                        * TSM will add result files to backup (Thanks to Gerhard
                        * NETFS tar with --sparse (Thanks to Gerhard Weick)
                        * NETFS will exclude /tmp/ by default
                        * bugfix for bonding (Thanks to Markus Brylski)
2007-03-12      GSS     * Fixed TSM output copy result files module (Thanks to PTB)
                        * Fixed TSM verify module for TSM 5.2 (Thanks to PTB)
                        * Always include /lib/libresolv* for GNU/Linux
                        * sfdisk --force to repartition

Schlomo Schapiro

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